A robust contraband cell phone detection system for secure facilities.


    Every installation is designed to provide exactly the coverage needed for the least possible investment. As a result, the Argus cell phone detection solution is available at a fraction of the cost of other systems.


    The system includes everything needed to detect, locate and confiscate contraband cell phones. To reduce dependency on agency personnel, the system can be monitored around the clock using our investigative monitoring services.


    The secure, web based user interface is modular and designed around the existing workflow of personnel. Access is customized for each authorized user, based on roles, permissions, and restrictions.


Argus detectors are strategically placed throughout the facility to provide optimal coverage.

Each detector has an effective range that can be adjusted from less than 15 to more than 100 feet, depending on floorplan and construction materials.

Argus detectors monitor all existing commercial wireless technologies and can be remotely updated to include new standards as they are introduced (4G, LTE, Wi-MAX).

Enclosed in a durable, impact and tamper-resistant IP65 certified enclosure, Argus detectors are water and dustproof, and can be installed both inside and outside the facility buildings.


All sensors are securely networked to a centralized platform that collects messages from the sensors and provides:

  • Immediate notifications of contraband cell phone activity
  • The location of contraband cell phone on blueprint of facility
  • The ability to track and link detections and confiscations
  • A powerful reporting engine and filtering interface gets users the information they need when they need it
  • Tracking and and presentation of historical data revealing high-risk areas of cell phone activity
  • Numerous charts that reveal the performance of system across the entire agency


The problem is clear, and so is the solution. By deploying the Argus cell phone detection system, agencies can identify the specific location of contraband cell phones, and initiate effective searches that result in the confiscation of contraband devices. Once the contraband cell phones are removed from the prison population they no longer pose a threat.

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