Easily record, investigate, track and report the alleged sexual abuse of individuals in the custody of your agency through a single, powerful web-based application: PREA Pro.


    PREA Pro provides unmatched case and evidence management. An event can be updated as the investigation unfolds. Victims, perpetrators and staff members can be added, as well as additional electronic material.


    PREA Pro offers an array of predefined and ad-hoc system reports. Our Drill Down Reporting™ tool enables the user to view events by region, district, zone and facility. They can even drill down into activity in specific housing units.


    With the ability to create unlimited users and store a virtually unlimited amount of data, PREA Pro offers administrators a wealth of technological tools to administer the system.


  • Follows the natural workflow of the user
  • Provides definitions of sexual violence
  • Unmatched dissemination controls
  • Intuitive management of the maturity of the event
  • Allows addition of photos, videos & documents
  • Designed to deliver the ultimate user experience
  • Easy to learn
  • Consistency in appearance and placement of controls
  • Users can notify each other of new events or updates to ongoing events via email from within the system
  • Personalized usage preferences based on individual user
  • Personalized dashboards


  • Import subjects from private or publicly available databases or offender/jail management systems
  • Easily and quickly add victims, perpetrators, and staff to the system
  • Link subjects, add attachments (photos, biometric information) and relate them to other subjects and events including important narratives
  • Unlimited aliases per subject or organization
  • Categorize subjects by people, staff and organizations
  • Unparalleled management of organizations and people linking them to relevant information across different subjects


Although PREA Pro is a stand alone application, it is one module of the broader reaching state-of-the-art case management system called CRIMES™ (“Case Reporting, Intelligence Management & Evidence System”). As the name suggests, CRIMES provides comprehensive case and evidence management functionality and powerful data mining tools.

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