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Argus Corrections Solutions, Inc. was founded to provide technological solutions to correctional and law enforcement agencies. We partner with industry leaders and develop our own technology to meet and exceed the exacting demands of our client base.

Argus’ business strategy leverages its unique ability to design and develop its own operating systems, hardware, application software, and services to provide its clients with new products and solutions with superior ease-of-use, seamless integration, and innovative design.

We continuously push the boundaries of what is possible, through pioneering the industry’s use of AI, to our one-of-a-kind unified intelligence platform; to develop the solutions our clients and partners demand to cut through the noise to get to what matters most: intelligence that makes a difference.

Argus Corrections Solutions Argus Corrections Solutions Argus Corrections Solutions


Argus’ Solutions remain the most advanced, efficient, and cost effective solution available in the marketplace today.


Trusted Nationwide

Argus Corrections Solutions

Our Solutions

Increase security and enhance your investigation efforts by accurately identifying speakers on both sides of calls in as little as three seconds*.

Transcription and Word/Phrase Detection

Leverage ground breaking AI to configure alerts for words, phrases, and topics. The most accurate and robust transcription system for corrections and intelligence agencies.

IRIS™ Intelligence Suite

The investigation framework providing comprehensive case and evidence management functionality and powerful data mining tools drawing from unlimited data sources.

Revolutionary solution combining the absolute best in human and AI technologies. Highly trained and specialized investigators analyze the AI’s alerts, validate the information, and write investigative reports.

The Cornerstones of Our Success





Echo™ Voice-Biometrics

Reimagining Voice Intelligence Solutions

Argus Corrections Solutions

Speaker Identification

Zero effort enrollment. Zero supervision. Zero added enrollment cost. All results.

Argus Corrections Solutions

Supports All Languages

As the system utilizes technology which is intrinsically language independent, it can be effectively used to identify speakers of any language without the need for adaptation, changes or reconfiguration.

Argus Corrections Solutions

Continuous Identication

3 seconds.* Best in class time for continuous identification of speakers. Know who is talking, All the Time.

Argus Corrections Solutions

PIN Abuse Notifications

Secure inmate calling by seeing PIN abuse events and the individuals responsible.

Argus Corrections Solutions

Unmatched Accuracy

There is no need to embark on costly, time consuming projects to modify your equipment; our system works with both mono and stereo delivering unmatched accuracy.

Argus Corrections Solutions

Echo Studio™ Endless Possibilities

With Echo Studio you’re in control. You have the ability to upload and process virtually any audio from any source to isolate speakers. All the tools you need; all in one place - Studio.

Provides investigators not only verification of whom is speaking, but also the identity of the inmate(s). Prints can be extracted from any source and used to match in any other channel, regardless of language or text. Voices on NON-INMATES can also be run against the database.

Prints are automatically created and continuously improved, delivering the highest accuracy possible. Prints can also be searched through historical calls, allowing investigators to listen to and extract potential intelligence.

Identify PIN sharing, as well as the identity of the PIN thief, allowing investigators to focus their efforts. In the event that ECHO cannot positively identify an impostor, the system will still send notification that the speaker was not the owner of the PIN.

Echo™ Topic Detection & Translation

Integrated Topic Detection is customizable based on your agency needs.

Argus Corrections Solutions

See Whats Said

Transcribe the spoken word with unmatched quality and precision. Uncover the full context of recorded conversations and empower investigators to easily search for, discover and document the spoken word in telephone call and other recordings.

Argus Corrections Solutions

Detect and Translate

Uncover the full context of conversations regardless of the language spoken. Translate recordings on demand, or automatically. Output results to multiple formats depending on specific use cases. Quickly and easily compare the transcription in the original language and the translated conversation in English.

Argus Corrections Solutions

Custom Alerts Options

Know what is being said when a Target says it. Leverage custom criteria to create high-value topics and alerts.

Search for recordings where key words or phrases are spoken. Build a custom dictionary that includes one or more words and excludes others. Use WordFlow™ to see the exact location where keywords are uttered in calls during the playback of recordings in Echo Player.

Quickly detect topics in communications based on the appearance of specific words or key phrases in the speech. Recognize topics being discussed and get ahead of your targets by detecting emerging trends related to actual topics, not just words uttered in a call.

Developed exclusively for law enforcement and corrections clients, using a groundbreaking acoustic approach with state-of-the-art channel compensation techniques automatically converting keywords and phrases into textual representations of speech.

IRIS™ Investigation Suite

Unparalleled case and evidence management system, built from the ground up in collaboration with corrections and law enforcement personnel.

Argus Corrections Solutions

Data Mining

IRIS employs sophisticated techniques to mine large volumes of data to discover and reveal useful knowledge about incidents, subjects and the structure of the relationships they have with each other in a network.

Argus Corrections Solutions

Import Data

Import Data from Private or PublicDatabases for operational effectiveness

Argus Corrections Solutions

Custom Reporting

Create virtually unlimited reports either using the predefined reports or using the powerful report creating tools provided. No programming skill is required to create unique and relevant reports. Create them once and save the format so you can use them again.

Argus Corrections Solutions

Reduce Litigation Exposure

Record, investigate, track and report on complaints made against your organization. Document how the allegation was managed once reported

Argus Corrections Solutions

Integrated PREA Reports

PREA specific reports with track changes and comments. Eliminates the need for third party software.

Argus Corrections Solutions

Virtual Review Room

Collaborate with internal or external entities to facilitate the controlled review of sensitive documents within a case with duly authorized users. Access to documents is restricted to read only and expires on a set schedule.

Argus Corrections Solutions

DOJ SSV Forms Compliance Made Easy

Efficient and Automated; to date, completing the DOJ SSV Form has been a tedious and lengthy process. PREA Pro eliminates mistakes and simplifies the process.

Mandatory information is always inserted, captured and automatically entered into the DOJ approved format ready for submission; and users enjoy the ability to export and submit one or all of their cases through the click of a mouse.

Utilize intuitive and powerful built-in search functions to quickly locate and interact with the desired data. Minimize errors by leveraging the auto suggest results and maintain critical continuity by utilizing the linking events to other incidents, subjects or events.

Empower investigators to focus on what matters most. Schedule workloads for your team and change them at a moment’s notice. Create hotlists, notifications and scheduled reports and have the information you want delivered when you want it.

User access is controlled through a Roles Based Access Control (RBAC) system. Administrators can control access on a need-to-know basis and limit users’ abilities to prohibit downloading, editing, viewing, printing, exporting or grant no access at all.

AIM: Argus Intelligence Management

Maximize your investigative effectiveness with AI powered by humans

Argus Corrections Solutions

Groundbreaking Solutions

AIM is a groundbreaking solution combining the absolute best in human and AI technologies. Highly trained and specialized investigators analyze the AI’s alerts, validate the information, and write investigative reports. Your agency determines what scenarios get prioritized and escalated.

Argus Corrections Solutions

Investigative Resources

Utilize Argus’ highly trained resources to supplement your own investigative staff. All Argus Investigators are ex-law enforcement professionals with years of experience.

Argus Corrections Solutions

Highly Relevant Topics

Leverage built in topics to identify calls of interest, e.g. Assault, Weapons, Contraband, PREA, Three Way Calls, Fraud, etc. You decide whats of value to your facility.

Argus Corrections Solutions

A One Stop Solution

With AIM you get everything from a single source. Technology that really makes a difference from people that really care.

AIM Referrals merge with the natural workflow of investigator users. Events are prioritized and escalated based on individual agency requirements and managed within IRIS through legal action and beyond.

While AI is evolving at an unprecedented pace, some tasks are still best completed by subject matter experts. With AIM, you get the best of both.

Although AIM is a standalone solution, it is fully integrated and delivered with Argus’ state-of-the-art case management system: IRIS™.

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Get excited about getting to work. We’ll supply the tools; you bring the skills and attitude to get the job done. We’ll support you each and every step of the way.

We take care of our greatest asset – our team members. We offer generous paid vacation time, health and disability insurance, and 401k savings plans.

Be better tomorrow than you were today. The Argus Academy offers paid scholarships for numerous personal and professional development programs.

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